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Welcome to the 7th Annual Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event

“Dream Client Attraction & Conversion Blueprint 2017”

July 21-23rd in Crystal City, VA


From: Vicki Irvin

Date: Wednesday 2016

Hi, I’m Vicki Irvin, most well known for being a former Human Resources
vickibookcoveremployee who was frustrated, resentful, and plain old sick of tired of being sick and tired, who later went on to leave her 9-5 job and become a successful entrepreneur.

I don’t know about you, but like most, I wasn’t born into entrepreneurship, I wasn’t handed an inheritance and I didn’t have anything given to me. I started out working a 9-5 job and spent my entire career working in human resources where making long commutes in traffic to work began to literally make me sick to my stomach.

Being in Human resources I had to lay people off all the time and reduce or slash retirement benefits altogether, and I saw firsthand how it was devastating lives. I quickly realized that there was no security working for someone else and that I needed to figure out a plan B before I became the next victim at my job, as loyalty just doesn’t exist there.

Besides, busting my butt every year to be rewarded with a measly 3-5% raise that I couldn’t even notice in my paycheck after taxes was a slap in the face. At least that’s how I felt.

But before I could even think about my Plan B, that thing called life threw me a devastating curve ball. I found out during my 8th month of pregnancy that my first child that I thought was healthy, had a rare birth defect and would die any day. I literally had to walk around waiting for my baby to die.

It was the worst experience of my life to deliver a stillborn baby, words can’t even express it. But guess what? I survived it. Sometimes in life when the pain seems so deep that we think we won’t survive, your true inner strength emerges and you realize there is a bigger purpose. Since losing my baby, I never quite viewed life the same.

My “AHA!” Moment…

I began to realize that life will go on with or without me. And so opportunities that I once would have let slip by due to fear or stepping out of my comfort zone, no longer stopped me. Did the fear ever go away? Of course not. But I never let it stop me from taking advantage of opportunity, because when opportunity comes knocking on your door, the one thing you had better not do, is let it slip by you. Everyone I know including myself who has done so, has lived in a constant state of regret.

Can you think of a major life challenge you overcame when you thought you wouldn’t? Can you think of a time you let something great slip by you due to fear? If so, you know exactly what I am talking about!

So instead of wasting any more time whining and complaining, I finally realized that nothing was going to change until I actually did something different and took action. Successful mentors gave me the best advice of my life and told me that regardless of what new endeavor I decided to go into, make sure I made studying effective marketing strategies my number one priority and focus or else it wouldn’t work.

But Did I Listen?

Of course not! I jumped into my first entrepreneurial endeavor convinced that based on my technical skill alone and my undying passion, everyone would just flock to me. Boy was I wrong! I soon realized that not having a system for my business and my lack of knowledge on how to bring in clients and customers was going to be my downfall.

It wasn’t until I stepped back and learned the art of sales and marketing that I actually realized a thriving successful business. Talk about learning the hard way!

No, I am not here to give you a speech on believing in yourself or to give you an empowering motivational talk, I already know you are gifted at what you do and I know that we all have the exact same potential. I guess what I am trying to say is that I already believe in you.

I am here to do something different, and that is to show you how to take your business and map out the various levels of opportunity that lie within it. I bet you don’t even recognize the full potential of the gold mine you are sitting on!

I Have Some Good News!

My experience has been that most entrepreneurs already have a great business foundation set up, and that with some minor tweaking and repositioning, your business can and will run at full throttle and go to the next level.

It’s my strong belief that too many women are engaging in “busy” work in their businesses and getting caught up in the vicious cycle of working hard instead of working right, a trap that is so easy to fall into.

So instead of you following that wrong path that I initially did, I am going to save you the time, money and heartache and show you the right way to explode your business by mapping out and taking advantage of all of the possibilities you have right at your fingertips!

When I Did Finally Get It Right, This Is Just Some Of What I Was Able To Do:


  • Built my entrepreneurial venture into a million dollar business in less than 12 months by creating a national brand and focusing on marketing.
  • Expanded my brand to include my own cosmetics line w/Chante Moore
  • Appeared in Fit Figures Magazine.
  • Authored three Books
  • Awarded Honorary Doctorate
  • Scored cover of HERLIFE Magazine Cover
  • Enjoyed $500,000 event days through effective marketing and speaking.
  • Consistently holds $100,000 plus event days.
  • Appeared in Millionaire Blueprint Magazine.
  • Featured in HustlaMama Magazine
  • Appeared on CNN Headline News
  • Contributed to Essence magazine
  • Cover Story with Chante Moore For FitFigures Magazine
  • Cover Story For Connected Woman Mag
  • Received An Award From the State of Maryland For Leadership
  • Worked the BET Honors Red Carpet as a Corespondent
  • Producer, Creator & Host of Superwoman Lifestyle TV
  • Worked The Red Carpet at Bally’s Las Vegas
  • Featured on
  • Interviewed in Investor’s Business Daily
  • Contributed to USA Today
  • Sold out all my coaching programs.
  • Co-authored the award winning book Women On Fire.
  • Partnered with other Ultra-successful millionaires.
  • Appeared on Lifetime TV three times as an entrepreneurial expert.
  • Been nominated for Woman Marketer of The Year.
  • Authored The Superwoman Lifestyle Blueprint, Secret Diary Of a Superwoman & the Superwoman Lifestyle Brand Building Blueprint
  • Spoke for fortune 500 companies.
  • Booked to speak on  some of the most sought after stages to appear on

I’m Not Telling You These Things To Brag, That Is Not My Style.

I’m Telling You This To Show You Just How Possible It Is To Fulfill Your Aspirations Once I Am Able To Show You How To Have It ALL in Business, Beauty & Balance Once You Grasp The Power of MARKETING, Client attraction & Social Influence!

After-All, If A Former Frustrated Human Resources Employee Like Myself Could Make ‘The Switch’ And Make It Work… So Can You!

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